Nicole Pollock 

I am a qualified Early Childhood Educator and am completing studies towards a Masters of Education (Research), where I am investigating the lived experience of parents/guardians/carers of gifted children. I am passionate about family engagement and making the system easier for families to navigate, and our school's family friendly environments that foster lifelong learning.

I work in the Australian Public Service supporting the mental health and wellbeing of veterans and their families. I bring to the CSPACG my experience as a Director of Early Childhood Services, and diverse roles in early and middle childhood services; consultant, Children’s Services Development Officer; Family Day Care Coordinator; and membership of accreditation committees for Children’s Services in Early Childhood, Family Day Care and Outside of School Hours Care settings. I co-developed a web-based early childhood expert programming and record keeping system. My previous work as a Children’s Services Advisor licensing early childhood services in the Southern Highlands, and establishing a Family Links Centre in the ACT under a Commonwealth Government initiative, have provide valuable insight into the family experience. I served on my children’s primary school council for 10 years in various roles including Chair, Kidsmatter Liaison, and Early Childhood expert. I served on the Board responsible for four Preschools in several roles including Deputy Chair, and on my children’s Preschool Committee as President, Vice President, committee member and community representative.

I attended the launch of the CSPACG in 2014. I became a CSPACG councillor in 2016 and the privilege of being a representative on the committee developing the Parent Charter.

In 2017, I represented the CSPACG at a Family Engagement Conference with national and international speakers. I assisted with the CSPACG’s first Family Engagement Conference in 2017 and the launch of the website in 2018. When my children moved to secondary school, I became the CSPACG’s ACT representative.

I love watching my children play soccer, enjoying time with good friends and family. 

Fiona Steinberg

I joined in November 2021, after our principal approached the community council for volunteers. I have three daughters in the Catholic school system, and with my youngest in early primary, I still have quite some time to go before we are finished. As a member of our school council, I’m interested in hearing the successes and concerns of other schools’ parents, and seeing how our school’s experiences differ, or not. As a parent, I’m keen to learn more about how Catholic Education is working with schools and parents to give the best possible educational experience to our children.

I bring the experience of nine years of being an engaged parent within the school system and a keen interest in playing my part to make this the best possible educational environment for our kids. To me, family engagement means showing our kids and our schools that we as parents are interested in our kid’s education and are invested in making sure they are equipped to enter the world as young adults after Year 12. I believe this is more than just achieving their academic goals, but also that they are inquisitive, caring, engaged, empathetic and respectful members of our community.

I hope to broaden my understanding of the Catholic Education system and create connections between our diverse schools. I also hope to be able to get traction on issues facing all our schools as together we can achieve so much more than we can individually.

I look forward to coming together to work towards our common goal of supporting our school communities.

Loryn Reynolds

Loryn_Reynolds_photo.jpgI joined Catholic School Parents Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn in 2021 and it has provided me with a sense of community. It is a chance to actively support my children’s education and offer the opportunity to connect with other parents and careers who share my faith and values.

As a Council member I bring my dedications to my children’s education, my commitment to fostering a strong Catholic community, my willingness to collaborate with other parents, carers and educators, and my passion for making a positive impact for all children.

Participating in the CSPACG Council provides me with a platform to exchange ideas, share experiences and gain insights form other parents, carers, educators, and members of the community. I hope to receive support, information, and a sense of belonging in the Catholic school community, ultimately enhancing my children’s educational journey.

I hope that CSPACG can build strong partnerships among parents, educators, and schools, ensuring equality and inclusiveness for all. My goal is to advocate for quality Catholic education, enhancing the overall educational experience for all children in our community, including my own.